Web Application Consulting

AminiSoft knows what it takes to be an online success.

AminiSoft has over 10+ years of experience in hundreds of web application projects — AminiSoft knows what it takes to be a success and can help you from project discovery to implementation.

E-business consulting, strategy and discovery

This e-business consultation process with AminiSoft's online business strategy team will help establish the e-business direction, marketing strategy and planning. AminiSoft also includes the selection of the right technology for the project.

  • Establish the correct products, services or e-business direction
  • Identify the e-business opportunities and the risks
  • Establish the correct methods and practices for implementing e-business elements and processes
  • Establish the best brand and marketing strategy

Branding and Marketing Consulting

AminiSoft's branding and marketing consultation helps discover and create the best e-business brand development and marketing strategy for your business or product.
  • Establish the e-business brand requirements
  • Establish the marketing strategies
  • Establish Search Engine Marketing Strategies

E-business Method and Process Specification Consulting

This e-business method consultation service with AminiSoft, will help establish your project's business method specifications, and selection of e-business detail process options.
  • Establish the e-business details and options
  • Establish the appropriate and practical e-business best practices and processes

Project Functional Specification Consulting and Wireframing

This web application consultation process with AminiSoft's project architecture team, will help to establish your project's business process specifications, functional specifications, feature details and requirements.

It also includes AminiSoft creating user interaction flows, element priority, positioning and flow of the navigational system, user interface elements and content, usability, and user experience (UX) elements.

  • Establish each feature or function's detail
  • Establish the correct methods and practices for implementing each function or user interaction
  • Create the wireframes which entails establishing the information architecture, site navigation, blueprint of each page with elements and the explanation of each function or user interaction item.
    Please see: sample wireframes for some examples.

Technical Selection Discovery

AminiSoft provides this consultation process in order to help establish and select your project's development platform and framework, server or cloud hosting, SSL, trust marks, security software and many other technical elements of your project
  • Establish the best development platform and framework
  • Establish server, cloud or managed hosting
  • Establish server security services such as SSL, encryptions, PCI Compliance, etc.
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