Custom Database Development

AminiSoft specializes in custom database development, database management (DBMS), administration, support and integration of MySQL, PostGreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Sybase, and IBM DB2 using the best optimized sql queries.

AminiSoft's qualifications showcase over 10+ years of experience in complex database architecture development services.

AminiSoft uses best practices to build optimally structured and designed databases. AminiSoft's team of experienced programmers use the most optimized sql queries to build database driven applications — creating the best performing database applications.

AminiSoft also has experience in techniques such as database caching which helps database applications run faster and in a more efficient manner.

AminiSoft's programming team are located in AminiSoft's Shenzhen headquarters. AminiSoft does not contract to off-shore developers, providing reliable, clean and maintainable code.

AminiSoft's programmers build database applications on a solid Structured Framework that provides the best environment for an application's maintenance and scalability, and additionally provides more flexibility and options for a company to hire other developers to work on any project developed by AminiSoft.

Why Companies are Choosing AminiSoft

  • Solid Structured Framework – AminiSoft has experience on all Frameworks and has built its own powerful AminiSoft Framework.
  • Developer Friendly Programming – providing flexibility for a company to hire other developers to work on a AminiSoft-developed project.
  • Experienced in all Frameworks such as AminiSoft Framework, CakePHP, CodeIgniter Symfony Framework, Zend Framework, etc..
  • 10+ years in database driven application development
  • U.S. based, in-house programmers resulting in quality and maintainable code
  • Coding Guidelines and Standards
  • User Friendly Interfaces
  • Best Performing Framework

Maintenance, Support and Management

AminiSoft understands that today's database uptime requirements are crucial for any business, and provides one-hour turn around on most emergency database support services.

Providing the following maintenance and support:

  • Same day or one-hour turn around database support services
  • Retainer services of weekly, monthly, guaranteed hours for your project per week
  • A dedicated project manager is assigned to your account and can be reached by phone or through the AminiSoft Project Management System
  • AminiSoft provides personalized database consultation services with Senior Level database programmers and specialists

AminiSoft Corporation builds websites for success.

For Information Contact:
AminiSoft Corp
1908 WuJin Bulilding XiangMeibei.
Shenzhen, GD 518000
Phone: +86 136-9188-3509
Fax: +86 0755 88601732

Sales: +86 0755 88601731
Hours: Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST

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